God Cares about the Little Things

One day, I reached for my bag to show someone the key chain, and it was missing! Read more “God Cares about the Little Things”

God Released Me from Juvenile Detention

I was sent to juvenile because I hit a man at my high school for embarrassing me in front of students by accusing me of something I didn’t do… Read more “God Released Me from Juvenile Detention”

God Provides… Even Library Shelving

We needed quite a bit more shelving… and there was not nearly enough money in the library expansion budget for it. Read more “God Provides… Even Library Shelving”

The Pony Prayer

In 2011 our youngest son Tristan was involved in an accident where he fell from a third-floor window of our house onto our concrete driveway. Read more “The Pony Prayer”

I Consider it a Miracle

When we arrived in Colorado, I opened my purse to retrieve the card and I was in disbelief. I could not find the card! Read more “I Consider it a Miracle”

God Cares about our Hearts’ Desires

When our older son was 12, there was a period of time when he longed to have a trampoline in our back yard. Read more “God Cares about our Hearts’ Desires”

God Restored My Identity

Upon arriving home, my dad realized that he no longer had the folder containing all my important documents – he must have left it somewhere on our journey. Read more “God Restored My Identity”


I was on my way to court feeling really scared. Read more “TRUST GOD.”

Where Should I Go, God?

My request for help was centered on a decision I had to make. I needed to decide which of three schools I should attend. Read more “Where Should I Go, God?”

God Sent Us Angels

Suddenly we found ourselves stopped in a snowbank, facing the opposite direction from the way we were driving! Read more “God Sent Us Angels”

God Has Helped Me and Can Help Me Again

It was before Christmas, money was tight and my car needed new inspection and registration stickers. Read more “God Has Helped Me and Can Help Me Again”

God is my Healer

My brain was too tired to think when I had cancer, I couldn’t find the words to pray. Read more “God is my Healer”