God Restored My Identity

My parents were overseas workers and I grew up in another country where I lived until I graduated from high school. When I was a senior in high school, I decided I wanted to learn how to drive. On a day off from school my dad and I took public transportation into the city so I could submit the paperwork necessary to get my driver’s permit. This paperwork of course included my passport, birth certificate – every document that proved who I was and what country I was from, the same documents that helped me gain access to the country where I lived and would allow me to return to the United States where I was a citizen.

We took public transportation to the licensing office only to find out it was closed, which in retrospect makes sense as it was a public holiday. We got breakfast at one of my favorite coffee shops then made the trip back, taking a shared taxi to our subdivision entrance, then another, smaller form of public transport to our house.

Upon arriving home, my dad realized that he no longer had the folder containing all my important documents – he must have left it somewhere on our journey.

My immediate response was frustration and fear. I was a senior in high school, applying to colleges in the United States, and everything that proved who I was had now gone missing.

My parents had a more faithful response and suggested that we should pray about it, so we gathered in a circle in the living room, my mom, dad, house helper, and I, and we prayed that God would allow us to find the folder.

When we finished praying, I went to my room in frustration, while my dad and our house helper mobilized a plan. They decided to go out to the main road and stop every white shared taxi that drove by to see if the folder was in the back of the vehicle. Less than 30 minutes later they returned, folder in hand.

Not only was the folder of documents found, but God allowed it to be in the VERY FIRST TAXI that my dad stopped and looked in.GOD IS GOOD.

–Submitted by Jennifer