Meet Our Staff

First Presbyterian Church Duncanville is run by a vibrant group of staff, session, and member care team with a heart for service and making big things happen with limited resources.

Our Staff

Rev. Rachael McConnell, Pastor Elect
Nyadia Thorpe, Director of Music & Worship
Katherine Hurlin, Admin Assistant
Dameron Growe, Accompanist
Brittany Haywood, Accompanist
Sean Russell, Sound Room Tech
Ana Ortiz, Nursery
Kira Sewell, Nursery

Our Session

Jocelyn Bolles, Clerk of Session
Brittany Haywood, Elder class of 2024
Lori Glover, Elder class of 2024
Jimmy Cordova, Elder class of 2025
Sharon Ingram, Elder class of 2025
Dub Guthrie, Elder class of 2026
Nyadia Thorpe, Elder class of 2026

Our Member Care Team

Nancy Bergman
Connie Steger
Darlene Cowand
Brenda Everett
Diane Pegues
Dudley Austin