Music Ministry


  • Choir rehearses in the Sanctuary on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM.
  • Each Second Sunday of the month, we have a contemporary youth service, so the choir is off.


The Music Ministry and Worship has come through a very different season. We’ve managed to adjust back to in-person rehearsals and worship from a season of meeting online via Zoom. Our time apart has caused a great desire to be together. We have returned with an intention not to take for granted our time in worship together. We are attending worship with an eagerness and a new level of expectation to hear and see God for ourselves.

This past year has taught us so much about ourselves and the need for continuous improvement. We should never feel that we have arrived or that we have learned all there is to know. Instead, we can remain curious and willing, we will discover there is so much more for us to do to remain a strong beacon of faith in the community.

  1. We are anticipating an opportunity to bring the Duncanville Community Chorus back together again for a trip to perform in Carnegie Hall with Nyadia Thorpe conducting. The piece they will sing is being arranged for orchestra by Steve Bayless. All are welcome to join us. You do not have to be a resident of Duncanville to gain access to the music and resources to travel.
  2. We are grateful to see our children involved, actively, in worship. The Cajón Classes in conjunction with the Sunday School class for upper youth have allowed us to meet the needs of our young people. They need activity that is meaningful to them, that is fun and engaging. We appreciate our teachers and the parents who make sure they have access to whatever is needed to experience success and participation in worship services. We look forward to seeing this program continue in 2022. As our youth grow and families join, it is so important to meet them where they are, have programs ready and yet still be able to grow with them.

I want to thank the Choir for their dedication and for being willing to show their faith even more demonstratively than possibly ever before. As leaders in the worship service, we are challenged to live out loud what we are singing about not just in worship but also in our daily lives. We have learned the importance of adjusting, being flexible, letting the Spirit “move us” and lead us so that we can experience a worship service that flows—is not predictable or stagnant in any way. We want visitors to come in and want to return. Something speaks to them, excites them, and piques their curiosity to ask, “What must I do to be saved?” or to say, “I want what they have.” Then, we can tell them it is the free gift of God. Accepting his grace gives us the freedom to be ourselves and share why we believe wholeheartedly. If any of us are unsure of what to do in worship or how to worship to express our faith, let me give you a tip: Spend time with God on your own. Take note of what you decide or “feel” led to do. Do you break out in song? Do you feel the need to pen your thoughts or prayers? Do you begin to pray and then find yourself talking to God as if he were standing right next to you as you pour out your every worry, hopes, and needs? Truly, our time with the Lord is invaluable.

Looking ahead, let’s commit to being even more intentional in worship. Do not miss your healing or your breakthrough. Let’s not simply “go through the motions,” but instead let’s commit to spending precious moments with God throughout our week—on purpose. Then, when Sunday comes, what a time we’ll have celebrating another opportunity to lift our voices together, to pray together, and to seek the heart of the One who is able to make ways for our good.


Please contact Nyadia Thorpe at with any questions about the FPCD Music Ministry.