Small Groups

The Leadership Team for the Small Group Ministry has been meeting together since early December for the purpose of forming a small group ministry in our church. We are now prepared to form these groups. And we do hope and pray that you each will be eager to participate in one of the five groups that are forming now. It is indeed a unique and wonderful and life-giving experience.

You no doubt have some questions. Good!

1) What is a small group?
It is a group of 8 to 12 people who want to share life together: i.e., to know each other better, to eat and socialize together, to pray together, to study together, to have fun together. In other words, deep friendships can form out of these groups.

2) How often does a group get together?
We are planning on starting out with 5 different groups. At this point, two of the groups will meet weekly and one bi-weekly. The other two groups will be deciding this for themselves.

3) What will each group study together?
(This is a very important part of being a small group.) This will be decided by the groups when they actually begin meeting. It can be a wide range of material: a Bible study, a book study, a video series, etc.

4) If I sign up, am I committed?
Yes, as a matter of fact, small groups work best when the group is committed to each other. In other words, if you are in town and your group is meeting, you are expected to be there. The group is your first priority!

5) Will the groups change (i.e., the people) yearly?
No! It is the intention of the Leadership Team that these will be “life time groups” whose members are strongly bonded together in friendship and fellowship. Please understand, though, that if you are really unhappy in your group or with the time it meets you could change.

If you have further questions about Small Groups, please feel free to contact anyone on the Leadership Team (Claudia Griffith, Dennis Walters, Darrell Ingram, Sharon Ingram, Joan Brown, Doris Metzger, Jennifer Johnson), or contact the church office at (972) 298-3043/

“Great,” you say! I am eager and ready for this deeper experience in faith and fellowship. How do I join up? You can sign up in the narthex after church for at least the next couple of Sundays, Feb. 2 and Feb. 9. There is a sign-up sheet for each of the five groups. You just sign the one that suits you best. It is preferred that couples stay together, but that is not necessary. If one of a couple wants to participate and the other does not, so be it. Or . . . call Claudia Griffith at (972)708-7102.

The five groups that we are going to begin with are as follows:
•A weekly Sunday evening group.
•A young adult group (ages 18 to 40).
•An evening group that meets weekly, likely on Tuesday evenings.
•An evening group that meets bi-weekly.
•A group that meets in the daytime hours.

It is our hope and our prayer that everyone in the church will enjoy this opportunity to grow in faith and fellowship and love with the Body of Christ that meets at First Presbyterian Church of Duncanville. Small Groups is an experience like nothing else!