Sunday School Classes

The formal efforts towards education are divided into groups based on age in the Youth and Children’s area and divided by personal interest in the adult area.

The current youth and children’s classes and teachers are:

Youth Class (grades 6-12) – Jeff Thorpe
Upper Elementary Class (grades 4-5) – Linda Simons
Lower Elementary Class (grades K-3) – Diane Pegues
Beginners Class (pre-K) – Marna Bayless
Nursery – Ana Ortiz

The adult area classes and teachers are:

Adult 1, Fellowship Hall Class – Darrell Ingram
Adult 2, The Basics Class – Eddie Cowand

Children’s Sunday School Classes

Submitted by Diane Pegues & Linda Simons

Once again this was an unusual year for the Children’s Sunday School classes, due to Covid-19. Attendance has been very inconsistent. We did not hold regular classes until June 2021. At this point there were very few children attending, and the ages ranged from grades 2-5, all in one class. We use the HeartShaper Children’s Curriculum from Standard Publishing. It is organized by the four seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring, with three units in each seasonal pack. The children are introduced to great Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments.

Also, due to the CE Wing flooding in May, we had to temporarily remove all the items from our classrooms, but we are grateful for the new paint, flooring, and the people who helped move things, and reinstall the bulletin board and white board after the work was complete. We appreciate your support!

In July, Susan Walters began teaching a cajón class the first 15 minutes of each Sunday School class period. We are very grateful for the work she has put into this. The children are very interested in cajón and have learned much about music, rhythm, and technique. They have served the congregation and praised and honored Jesus by playing the cajóns during some worship services. Plans are for the children to accompany one of the praise songs during each 4th Sunday service. Susan Walters taught the children and me to memorize and sing Psalm 100. We are greatly blessed to have this special time with Miss Susan each Sunday morning.

As the Covid-19 vaccinations became available for younger children, attendance increased slightly to sometimes 8 children, grades K-5, so the class was divided into Grades K-3 (Diane Pegues) and Grades 4-5 (Linda Simons). This worked well until around Christmas when the Omicron Variant became prevalent. Attendance has been low since that time, but we are hopeful that the children will return to regular attendance soon.

As always when spending time with children, there have been special moments when I was allowed to see the fruits of my labors. During the regular worship service on two occasions in recent months, I saw the recognition and excitement on the face of two different students when they realized that Pastor Ginger was talking about a story they had heard in Sunday School. They know I’m usually in the choir, so each one looked at me and signaled that they knew the story. I thank the Lord for that blessing and for the privilege of being their teacher.

Led by Ana Ortiz

Ana continues to provide nursery care each Sunday morning from 9 AM – Noon. If you have nursery aged children, we encourage you to stop by and check out the nursery.

In 2020, Ana received training on how to safely care for children during a pandemic through another daycare position she holds during the week. We provide her with disposable gloves, disinfectant for cleaning toys (a specific kind recommended by her other day care), and disinfectant wipes for cleaning surfaces. She consistently follows safety procedures to maintain both a safe and nurturing environment for any child in her care.

Adult 1, Fellowship Hall Study Class
Led by Darrell Ingram

The Fellowship Hall Study Class’s motto is “Be in the Word.” The participants use the Bible as the text for all class studies. They gather in the Fellowship Hall around 9:15 and begin their study at around 9:30.

Currently the class is doing an in-depth look at the book of Exodus, reading through and taking a detailed look at one chapter per week. We would love to have you join us!

Adult 2, The Basics
Led by Eddie Cowand

The Adult Basics Class has been meeting this past year before Worship. We have spent most of the year studying Genesis and Exodus. It’s been very interesting and informative studying the Creation story and the many early stories of the patriarchs.

Moving into Exodus we studied the beginnings of the nation of Israel, the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, the Ten Commandments and the building of the Tabernacle. Many of these stories relate to God’s relationship to man and God’s desire to have mankind as one with him. We have been blessed with what we have learned this year.

All are welcome to come and study with us! We meet in the library at 9:15 before Worship service.