Sunday School Classes



Christian Education Youth and Children

Led by Diane Pegues, Linda Simons and Marna Bayless

We are pleased to share in this report the news that our teaching ranks have grown. We have added Grant Everett and Lucy Russell. Grant is using his experience and talent in the class for younger elementary children. That class is also masterfully taught by Diane Pegues. Lucy Russell has taken on the responsibility of teaching the High School Youth.  We are grateful to both Grant and Lucy for sharing themselves in this way.

In addition to the younger elementary class, we have a class for older elementary students taught by Linda Simons. Linda’s class put up an historical timeline of Bible events and they are learning the stories along the timeline. They are also working on basic “Bible literacy” by learning the books of the Bible, learning new Bible vocabulary words, and learning about how we got the Bibles we use today. Linda designs her own lessons and finds creative ways to make the lesson relevant to her students. The class has grown to six members.

The Nursery/Pre-School class is under the leadership of Ana Ortiz with able help from Tricia Reiman. Marna Bayless helps provide teaching material which Ana adapts for her class.

As teachers, it is a joy to be able to see the world through the eyes of a young child. They have no preconceived notions as exemplified in the following story: In class one day, one of the students was serious and totally engrossed in her work. The teacher noticed her efforts and asked what she was drawing. The child replied, “I am drawing a picture of God.” The teacher replied, “Actually, no one knows what God looks like, Susie.” To which the child replied, “They will when I finish my picture.”

One of our constant goals is to appreciate and cherish each child we are blessed to have in our class. Our teachers are achieving that goal many times a year. We also want to be responsive to the needs around us. The need for a class for the High School age did not get much attention like the apparent “Elephant in the Room” until Linda Simons pointed it out to some of us. (Actually, Lori Glover had stated its lack in last year’s Board Report.)  Because the obvious was pointed out and God blessed our efforts, we found the perfect teacher for the High School Class in Lucy Russell.

Another reality that was not ignored was the fact that we had a sizable number of pre-teen age children who were ready for an organized fellowship group. Thanks to Ross Shipman’s willingness to work with that age on Wednesday evenings before the older youth group meeting, and thanks to Lori Glover and Anna Murphy as the motivating force, the fellowship group called Impact Youth is now a reality. Anna Murphy and Lori Glover are there each week to help it succeed. “The great food provided by volunteers helps too,” says Matthew Reed.

We are thankful for Margaret Lewis, Nancy Bergman, Connie Steger and Marna Bayless who substituted in our classes this year when needed. There are many other people who helped with our Children’s ministry. Teresa Reed faithfully prepared the worship boxes for the children’s use in Worship each Sunday. Many people joined hands to help with the Children’s Christmas play. They helped the children get costumes, learn the songs and speaking parts. Through the Christmas play the children are not only learning the data of the faith, but in a safe, loving environment they are discovering new things about themselves and thereby gaining self-confidence.   

Our goal for next year will be finding other needs God may be calling us to meet and working together to answer those needs.


Adult Bible Study – The Basics Class

Led by Eddie Cowand

This is the newest of our Adult Bible Study classes. It had its beginning in early 2014 when it was organized by Dave Bolles and others. The class was designed to assist people who were seeking a better understanding of the Bible. The participants chose the topics and Scriptures to study.  Everyone who wants to may join in and contribute to the discussion.  With the passing of Dave Bolles, the class has been blessed with leadership from Eddie Cowand and other members. The class has continued to engage those who want to learn more about the Bible in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. 


Adult Bible Study – Fellowship Hall Study Class

Led by Darrell Ingram

The Fellowship Hall Study Class’s motto could be, “Be in the Word.” The participants use the Bible as the text for the class studies. Recent topics have been on Acts, Revelation, and Nehemiah. Currently they are studying I Corinthians with Leo Skinner as discussion leader. 

Various members of the class share the leadership throughout the year. They welcome anyone who would like to join them. They gather in the Fellowship Hall around 9:15 and after a period of fellowship over coffee and donuts they begin their study at around 9:30.