Songs and Hymns

Our worship service combines contemporary Christian songs and hymns of the faith. Occasionally we dedicate the entire time of worship to praising God through music. What songs stir your spirit so that you can rejoice or meditate on the majesty and wonder of Jesus Christ? Let us know!


Prayer is, quite simply, dialogue with God. Just like raising a child cannot be accomplished simply by reading a book about child rearing, so faith must be more than just reading about God in the Bible. We learn to relate to God personally in prayer. That begins in worship as we pray corporately to reflect that we are a community of believers in Jesus Christ, seeking to connect with Him. We express prayer in worship, and we have a couple places to submit prayer requests and praises.

Click here to go to our prayer request page, or visit our dedicated prayer website at www.duncanvilleprayer.com.

God seeks those who pray. Talk to God! God is listening.


The Bible is the written record of God’s story. As the Creator of the world, God loves humans. But humans have not always returned God’s love. The reason for that is that we have been deceived into questioning God’s goodness, God’s love, and God’s ultimate plan for humanity. Frankly, that’s called unbelief and sin, but despite all that, God set a plan in motion to rescue us from sin, darkness, and death.

In addition, the Bible speaks to everyday life. God has something to say to you! If you would like to read God’s Word, you can sign up through the PC(USA) web site to receive daily readings (called the lectionary) by e-mail. As you read these passages each day, they will guide you into a deeper knowledge of the stories of the Bible.

The Daily Lectionary is a free service. To learn more, visit