I Consider it a Miracle

After many years of using prayer to share my deepest concerns with God, I had a real need and it was different!

This time it would take a miracle for my prayer to be answered.

I had accepted the responsibility of delivering a card with a sizable donation in it. It was to be taken to Colorado for delivery there. I was up to the task!!! It was a piece of cake. I put it in my purse so I would be sure to have it when we got there in about a week. My purse is best described as a handbag and did not close securely, but that had never been a problem. I felt good about the card being securely in my purse.

When we arrived in Colorado, I opened my purse to retrieve the card and I was in disbelief. I could not find the card! So I poured everything out on the bed and checked again, but found no card. I returned everything to my purse and looked again a little later. What a mystery. I thought I had seen it in my purse sometime during the last week. But where is it now? Did my purse topple over and spill the card out under the table at Arby’s or some other restaurant? Was I sure I had put the card in my purse?

As I went to sleep that night, I prayed to God. I told God that it looked like I had failed in what was an important but simple task. How would I explain what happened with the card and donation? I admitted that I probably was most disappointed because I would have to explain what happened.

However, in the morning when I poured out my purse again – there was the card and donation. It was stuck between the pages of a small spiral notebook. But as far as I’m concerned, it was not there the night before, but it was there the next morning. I consider it a miracle, and an answer to my prayer. I think God was smiling.

— Submitted by Marna