God Provides… Even Library Shelving

I was the Library Director and the Library was undergoing an extensive expansion project to double its size. We were getting a lot of help from volunteers, which was an answer to prayer in itself. We needed quite a bit more shelving to accommodate the growth in the number of library books expected in the next ten years. Professional metal library shelving is very expensive, and there was not nearly enough money in the library expansion budget for it. But I could not figure the sense of doing all this expansion without having the shelving we needed, so I began to pray to the Lord for His provision.

The answer did not come overnight, but within a few months there was the shelving we needed! Another college had a fire in their library. Through insurance they bought all new shelving for their library and then let the library world know of the free availability of all this old burned shelving. Guess who got that shelving? God provided! It was pretty dingy when it arrived, but our faithful volunteers painted and assembled every bit of shelving that we needed. God provided. . .even library shelving! And it turned out looking really first class!!

— Submitted by Claudia