7/31/16 – Preview

The other day I went shopping. When I entered the store a clerk said “Good morning! Hope you are having a great day! May I help you find something? I said, “Yes,” she ran and got what I needed with a smile on her face. I went to another department looking for something else and the same thing happened! The clerk had a huge smile on his face and went out of the way to fill my need and give me the best coupon available. Then I went to the grocery story and it was the same! Then I woke up… Seriously, though, it was not a dream! And, though a simple thing, it had a great impact on me.

What does it take to be a community in unity? What does it mean to be in harmony or at one with each other? This week we look at what a famous king did. Hezekiah had troubles. A strong enemy came against Israel. This enemy had wreaked havoc with nations all around them. What to do? Come and find out. Sunday School for all at 9:15 and worship at 10:30. Can’t wait to see you!

READ 2 Kings:18-19 and Philippians 4:6-7

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7/24/16 – Guest Speaker Officer Louis Chapman

When you think about American culture, what comes to mind? Is your idea of our cultural identity shaped by politics? The media? The values of your particular lifestyle? In the past three weeks we have talked about the “culture” of the Christian faith. Gary Simons describes it as “faith and love.” Carol Orwig describes it as a culture of beautifully diverse people who get along. Jeff Thorpe describes it as the place where our thirst is filled by Jesus. Yet, our culture in recent weeks has been marked not by fulfillment and shalom, but by violence and division.

This week, Officer Louis Chapman of the Duncanville Police Department speaks on how the community, the church, and law enforcement connects. This topic is relevant for all ages and I hope everyone attends. Begin with Sunday School for all ages at 9:15 and enjoy plenty of donuts! Worship begins at 10:30, followed by Lemonade on the Lawn. Can’t wait to see you!

READ Romans 13:1-5

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A Divine Culture 7/17/16

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July 2016 Newsletter

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