4th Sunday Youth Led Worship

Slide5Each 4th Sunday, the youth lead the service. Thank you for supporting them with your attendance, enthusiasm, and active participation! This week we will hear a message from Jeff Thorpe called “The God of Second Chances: What happens after the collision of sin?” based on the scripture passage, Psalm 51:10-19. Come support the youth, worship with your family of fellow believers, and receive the Word.


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Come find out what it’s all about by coming to the first session on Wednesday, March 8 at 6:00 PM. It will leave you saying WOW! Dinner will be provided.

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Ash Wednesday


Join us on March 1 at 7:00 PM for a special service that begins Lent, a time of deepened spiritual nurture.

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22/19/17 – The God of Second Chances

Did you ever wonder whether you can “out-sin” God’s forgiveness? You struggle to pray about it, and instead of coming clean you hide it; you condemn yourself. And when you carry all that sin, you find that condemning others for their sins is easy. “Can you believe he/she/they did that?” you say to yourself. Sunday we look into a story where a man sins and then, thinking no one knows, he moves ahead as if nothing has happened. But, God loves him and his victims so much that God says, “Hold on a minute. What’s this? We need to talk.”

We are talking about confession and forgiveness through two stories – one about a man and the other about a woman. JIM STAHL is storyteller. Sunday School at 9:15 for donuts and coffee, followed by Sunday School for all ages. Worship at 10:30. Come hear about your second chance! It’s transforming. I can’t wait to see you!

READ Psalm 51:1-9 and John 8:1-12

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