October 26, 2008 – Lesson Two in Lordship

Since studying Abram and Sarai’s story, I feel challenged to develop more faith. I want to embrace a vision of God as “God of the impossible.” It is time to allow God to fully be who He is.

The call this week for Abram in Genesis 17 is a call to action as God instructed him to be circumcised. This call is one of Lordship. Abram and his family would be marked as belonging to God. Abram and Sarai would soon enjoy the fruits of their faith, even though at times they had exhibited little faith. Both of them responded by this news with laughter. What, now? they seemed to say.

Sometimes we might feel like laughing when the possibility for a long lost dream appears. But despite their doubt, despite the long and broken road that would lead to its fulfillment, this is God’s story of redemption and it would happen. Ultimately, it leads us to the loving arms of a God who has a new, transformed and eternal blessing to bestow upon us. To prepare for Sunday, think about:

  • How do you answer the question, Is anything too wonderful for the Lord? (from Gen 18:14)
  • If God were the God of the impossible, what might you risk doing?
  • Do you see God as able to work even in our errors?

Read the Sermon: Lesson Two in Lordship


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