October 12, 2008 – “When In Doubt, Pray or When All Else Fails, Believe”

This week has been a week of worry for our nation as we have watched a wildly fluctuating stock market never really settle down. Worldwide economic anxiety is the order of the day, say the news reporters. What timing for this week’s message because Abram worries in Genesis 15:1-18. He worries about the truth of God’s promises in light of the reality of his personal circumstances.

God met Abram right in the midst of his anxious questions, in fact, God was there first. Are you assured that God is there for you when you have doubts? Then, do you allow yourself to ask God those hard questions? It’s better to be honest with God when we are uncertain about something. That’s what Abram did. He even asked for and received reassurance.

Questions to think about before Sunday:

  • Do you think Abram’s honest conversation with God factored into his ultimate belief in the promises?
  • Do you believe God’s presence can overcome the greatest anxiety?

Read the Sermon:

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