Our Biggest Question about Prayer

August 12, 2018

Series: Why Pray?

Topic: Prayer

Book: Luke, Psalms

Our Biggest Question about Prayer

Bible Text: Luke 5:12-16 and Psalm 86:1-13 | Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ginger Hertenstein | Series: Why Pray?

When you consider the topic of prayer, it is something that most people believe in. Ask almost anyone if you can pray for them and they will more than likely say ‘Sure!’ At the same time, praying creates tensions. Will God answer the prayer for me? Am I good enough? What if I caused my problem and don’t deserve it? Is my problem too impossible? Prayer raises big questions.

Jesus healed many people when he walked the earth. So how do we incorporate that fact into our needs for prayer? That’s the subject for Sunday worship at 10:30. It begins a new series called Why Pray? Sunday School for all ages begins at 9:15. I can’t wait to talk about prayer!

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