May 1, 2011 – The Power Is in Jesus’ Name

Do you ever think of the Bible as funny? Do you recall stories that make you laugh? This Sunday we talk about one of the funniest vignettes in Scripture as we join Paul in Ephesus, where he led the church for three years. People were drawn to Paul’s power to do miracles and exorcists tried to imitate him. But they quickly found out there is no faking it with God. You must know Him and be known by Him. We will discuss what is necessary to connect with God’s power through the name of Jesus.

This Sunday the Women’s Ministry of the church holds a plant and bake sale to raise funds for local church ministry, and also for global ministry. Come prepared to shop before Sunday School and after the service. The food is delicious and plants are just waiting to be transplanted to your garden!

To prepare read Acts 19:11-20,  2 Chronicles 33:2-7, and 1 Chronicles 16:8-15

READ THE SERMON:  The Power Is in Jesus’ Name

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