July 31, 2011 – A New Kind of Community “In Christ”

People in the 1st century were wrestling with all sorts of identity issues. In fact, you may even say that some of them had a real identity crisis. It wasn’t just individuals who had identity issues but entire communities also struggled. These identity issues lead to people looking for things to attach themselves to(family, vocation, friends, narcotics, and sports). These attachments would end-up failing their users and this would create even more of an identity problem. In the 1st century the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to some of his friends discussing some of these issues. Specifically he zeroed in on the one place where identity can be understood. I think you’ll be shocked by where this place is.

Communities needed help identifying themselves then and they need the same help now.

I look forward to see y’all on Sunday morning!

READ: Ephesians 1:3-14

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