August 7th 2011 – A New Kind of Community – A sign

Last week we talked about what it meant to be “In Christ”. We talked about the kingdom of condemnation, the realm of rejection and the sphere of scarcity. If you remember, we contrasted those ways of living with the kingdom of Messiah, the kingdom of Christ. At the end of my sermon last week I challenged the congregation to place their bracelet or watch on the opposite hand and let the awkwardness be a reminder that you are “in Christ.” I hope you did that this week and I hope you were reminded of the unsearchable riches which are found in Christ.

This week we will continue to talk about community. Specifically we will be talking about what the church is to do in the world we live in. Is the church community what God had in mind? Is the church fullfilling its mission? These are difficult questions but they are worth asking and they are worth contemplating.

Join us, this Sunday as we dig into God’s word and are refreshed the Spirit.

Please prepare by reading Ephesians 3:1-14

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