January 1, 2012 – Five Reasons Why I Follow Jesus

Put God 1st this January 1st! Friends, 2011 was great and we anticipate 2012 to be even better. We are going to start the year by exploring reasons why we follow Jesus.

Everybody follows somebody. Everybody has been influenced by various different movements, systems, relationships and experiences. These influences shape our beliefs and give us direction. As Christians we’ve made an active decision to follow Jesus the Christ. Which raises the question….why? Why would we choose to follow this man Jesus? What are some solid reasons we can rest on? Start the New Year right with 5 reasons why our Youth Pastor has chosen to follow Jesus! You won’t want to miss it and don’t forget to invite your friends.

Join us this Sunday and help us get the New Year started with solid music, art, preaching and communion.

READ THE SERMON: final manuscript of why I follow Jesus



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