January 8, 2012 – Where the Good News Begins

As we begin the New Year, we begin a new study, the Gospel of Mark. Mark makes a political statement: Jesus is both the savior and the Son of God. Rulers at that time considered themselves to be exactly that – saviors and sons of god. But Mark wanted us to know that there was someone who is much greater and more capable, someone who comes from above. God has something better planned for all people.


It took the disciples awhile to know exactly what that meant. Understanding came to them little by little. So along with them, we will explore who Jesus is and what He did, learning what it means to belong to His kingdom, right along with them. It’s exciting. After all, this coming of Jesus was predicted all the way back to Exodus. Come hear about the connection. You will love it! Sunday, 10:30.

Read Mark 1:1-4, 14,15; Psalm 2:1-12; Malachi 3:1-6, 16-4:1-3; Isaiah 40:3, Exodus 23:20

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