February 13, 2011 – Is Grace Truly Enough?

Please forward to the 30:35 minute mark on your player in order to hear the sermon only.

How are things going with the people in your life? Are you on good terms? Right before Valentines you don’t really want to be at odds with your significant other! Well, Sunday’s Bible lesson doesn’t have to do with Valentines, but it does have to do with conflict. Peter, Paul, and Barnabas are forging ahead with the gospel, talking to anybody and everybody who will listen when some religious folks confront them saying, “All those new believers need to follow the law of the Old Testament. They can’t just believe in Jesus.”

The conflict was extremely heated, so they all gathered together for a council to talk. Amazingly, each one took a turn, and they listened to one another. Then they tried to see what God was up to, rather than what they preferred. It is amazing that the conflict resulted in joyful resolution, rather than division. Perhaps we should look at some of these things to help us in our own conflicted times. I can’t wait to talk about it. Then after church, we’ll get together for lunch and our ANNUAL MEETING. Would love to see you there. All are welcome!

To prepare read Acts 15:1-21 and Isaiah 45:18-25

READ THE SERMON:  Is Grace Truly Enough?

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