What do you think it takes to think about God? Do you see signs of God, like answers to prayers? Do you hear a quiet voice that points you to positive things? Do you watch the lives of others around you, particularly those who say they believe in God? What helps you think about spiritual things?

In the Bible, seeing or finding God is not just up to us. God reaches out to people. God speaks. Sometimes, though, you may find it hard to hear the voice with all the clamor around you. “Shop at midnight!” “Play soccer Sunday morning.” “Fill the season with endless activities.” Yet God’s timeless message can be heard if you listen. Elijah spoke it. Zechariah and John the Baptist, too. Have you heard it? Take the time Sunday and seek it. God will speak to you! 10:30.

To prepare read: John 1:6-8, Luke 1:67-80, 1 Kings 18:11-39

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