August 29, 2010 – No Worries!

“First Things First” Series

“Don’t Worry; Be Happy!” The choir sings that this Sunday. Wow, that’s strange. Isn’t that a secular song? Yes, it is, but all of us, whether believers are not, tend to do exactly that. So why is it that so many of us do so much worrying?

We all would like to worry less! And, in our passage Jesus logically argues against worry and shows us how to let it go. The antidote is found in getting our priorities right and learning to see God as God really is.

Do you want your relationship with God to relieve your worry? I do! Let’s explore the Bible’s most famous passage on worry and hear God’s voice to you. That voice is powerful and the desire is to free you from anxiety. Don’t worry. Trust God.

To prepare read Matthew 6:19-34 and Psalm 139:1-18. Ask yourself

  • What things worry you? Are they included in this passage?
  • What priorities will you rearrange to seek God?
  • Make a list of your worries. Then envision placing them in God’s hands and leaving them there.


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