10/13/19 – Waking Up to the Power of God

Jeremiah self-identified as young and not quite up to the challenge of being God’s prophet. Eugene Peterson says in Run with the Horses there is an enormous gap in what we think we can do vis-a-vis what God has in mind for us to do. The challenge is to bring those two things together, for in the way Jeremiah is called, we are called, too. God has something for every one of his children to do. God allows no excuses, and God even supplies the strength. (see Chapter 4, pg. 51) Sunday’s lesson is about building our courage. It is very encouraging!

Sunday also includes a special treat as Jim and Janet Stahl are with us to share a ministry testimony. I can’t wait to see them and hear about all they are doing. I can’t wait to see you! Sunday school begins at 9:15 with coffee and donuts; worship at 10:30. See you then!

READ:  Jeremiah 1:11-19 and 2 Corinthians 13:2-9

READ the MESSAGE:  Waking Up to the Power of God


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