September 18, 2011 – “It Takes Two”

Sermons begins at the 41:30 second mark!

Members at FPCD love drama, music, and the arts. We express that weekly in the powerful illustrations of art which accompany the music and preaching. Art often touches those emotions we find hard to put into words, and helps us “see” the Bible as we hear it. We find that helps us feel connected to Bible stories from ancient times. A second way we love to tell the stories in the Bible is with a modern-day skit.

This Sunday we do exactly that. Imagine how lonely Adam must have been. What would you have done? Author Karen Carson wrote “It Takes Two,” a skit about Adam seeking a mate through a dating service. That’s tongue in cheek, of course. But we think God invites us to draw close, not only through reason, but also through imagination. Come join us and enjoy the skit presented by Mike Bacon and Sean and Lucy Russell.

READ Genesis 2 and Mark 10:2-9.

READ THE SERMON:  God Gives a Garden and a Woman


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