January 17, 2010 – How to Have Faith: The Story of Exodus

What is God like? Did God make the world, put it in our hands, and then leave us to our own devices? Are people simply subject to the vicissitudes of life while God casually watches from a distance? The book of Exodus answers that question. And, its answer is a resounding no; God is not inactive nor the least bit remote. God is quite the opposite: God is deeply involved with the world and has a very distinct will for humans.

This week we continue our look at how God prepared to rescue Israel from Egyptian enslavement. It’s a long, courageous road, and it uncovers some mysteries about God. Is this God trustworthy? What if it seems that God ignores my problems? Join us Sunday at 10:30. Read Exodus 1 and 2. If you like, read the January 10th sermon listed here.

Sermon 1:  Trusting God in Times of Trial

Sermon 2: Things We Don’t Understand About God

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