January 24, 2010 – Amber Alert, God’s Version

When you think of God, what character traits come to mind? How do you picture God? This week’s scripture gives us a picture of God as he related to the children of Israel who were enslaved in Egypt. Read the verbs: (God) heard their groaning; looked upon them, took notice, observed their misery, knows their sufferings. So even though God resides in heaven God is close. God knows when we hurt.

God decided it was time to act − to make good on His promise. So God called Moses to be his hands and feet to deliver God’s people from their sufferings. Did you know God uses you to reach out to those who hurt? The world hurts, but in God is deliverance. Seek that deliverance this week, and if you have found it yourself, be willing to be the gracious vessel through whom God extends that blessing to others. See you Sunday.

READ Exodus 2:23-25 and Exodus 3:1-12

READ THE SERMON: Amber Alert – God’s Version

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