August 2, 2009 – From Rubble to Restoration: Trusting that You Matter to God

Our study of Nehemiah culminates this Sunday with a huge celebration. God empowered the people of Jerusalem to complete the wall in a record-breaking 52 days. Thrilled with the significant job they had done, nothing could hold back the party.

Do you ever feel that God’s presence in your life brings such miracles and gives you such purpose? Perhaps we have something to learn from this story. God unleashed the people’s gifts and talents, and then gave them the strength to do what they thought was impossible. What a reason to celebrate! Let’s join together Sunday morning to hear about it. We’ll also celebrate with our own Hands-of-God Youth as they share about their first missionary journey to Ft. Worth under the direction of Tom Wylie. Can’t wait to see everyone!

To prepare read Nehemiah 12.

READ THE SERMON: From Rubble to Restoration: Trusting that You Matter to God

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