September 27, 2009 – If Jesus is Alive, Then . . .



What makes Jesus a unique religious leader? Why is Christianity different from all other religions? Perhaps you immediately know the answer to these questions. It’s the resurrection of Jesus’ dead corpse of course; a corporeal raising and not just a “spiritual” renewal of life. No other faith claims that their religious leader is alive forever. If Jesus had not been resurrected, there would certainly be no reason for the Christian faith today, nor would there be a reason for us as believers to strive to know Him.

We live by faith it seems, yet the resurrection gives concrete evidence of God’s presence and power.  So if Jesus is alive, then . . . what does that mean for you and me and the rest of the world? This evidence can strengthen your faith if you trust its truth.

READ both 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 and Isaiah 52:13-15 and ask yourself these questions:

  • How does the resurrection help me be more bold before God in prayer?
  • How does it help me when I share the good news with others?

READ THE SERMON:  If Jesus is Alive, Then . . .


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