March 14, 2010 – Reverence for God Reaps Benefits

What do you have confidence in? What creates a sense of security? Is it the economy? Your job or retirement fund? As we know, these things are sometimes up causing us to feel good and secure, but other times things are not so good. Although ups and downs seem always to be present in life, Sunday’s passage in Exodus assures us that God offers security.

Now you may not see God as an immediate source of security; God is distant, far away in heaven, you might say. But Scripture teaches otherwise. The Bible says over and over that God is very near, in fact right beside you. But there is a catch. God seeks people who have respect for God’s word, but those who have no confidence in the Lord’s ability to speak and guide find themselves with little sense of God’s power. Exodus 9:13-35 is fascinating. Read it and we’ll talk about it Sunday. See you then!

READ THE SERMON: Reverence for God Reaps Benefits


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