October 16th 2011, “Heartache & Hope”

After the passing of Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple) many began to recount the impact this man had on the world. His inventions are being used everywhere to make the world a better, faster, easier place to live. At the same time, some would argue that his gadgets were harmful since they helped create a generation of people who are socially inept. I wonder how he would feel about these allegations and how he would respond? Inventors are awfully brave people because they can’t control how their inventions are used once they have been released.

In the beginning God created a good world which he had high hopes for. His creation was meant to be a good thing but many would say that it went in a terrible direction. How does God feel about these allegations? What does he feel about the terrible direction that he NEVER intended? And most importantly, how does he respond?

Join us this Sunday at 10:30am as we dig into Genesis 6. We will be attempting to get a personal look at the heart of God as he deals with the difficulty in our world.


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