July 11, 2010 – Overcome By Fear: Assuming Defeat

We all know the story of the people of Israel wandering in the desert for 40 years before they entered the Promised Land. But did you know that God wanted to take them into the land just a little over a year after they left Egypt?

What happened?

It all had to do with faith. When God began to move the people forward, the promise suddenly fizzled away in their hearts and minds. Overcome by the fear of defeat, they refused to be bold and occupy the land. Honestly, their fear was unreasonable, but it controlled them.

How does fear affect your life? What can we do to overcome fear and live by faith? The Bible gives us answers to this struggle, and we will explore that this Sunday. Come join us! We have great music planned, under direction of Andrew Dittman.

READ Numbers 13-14:4 and Luke 8:41-56

READ THE SERMON: Overcome By Fear: Assuming Defeat

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