January 29, 2012 – Receiving Healing that Matters

Do you ever play the “if only” game? If only I could win the lottery life would be easy. If only I didn’t have that boss I wouldn’t have so much stress. If only my kid would get that scholarship we’d be able to make ends meet. In this week’s story a man comes to Jesus in faith, hopeful that Jesus will take care of his problem. But Jesus, seeing his faith, talks to him about sin and forgiveness. Sin? Now? Can’t Jesus see the real problem???

Jesus wanted the man to have better vision. He wanted him to see he had more at stake than the obvious need for healing. When we go to Jesus we always get more than we can imagine. In the end, the man got both what he came for and so much more. What about you? Will you come to Jesus in faith with your problems? I promise, you will receive so much more. Join us Sunday, 10:30.

Read Mark 2:1-12 and Isaiah 55:6-13

READ THE SERMON:  Receiving Healing that Matters

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