February 7, 2010 – So You Think You Can Tell God No?

The call of God to Moses took lots of time because Moses had so many questions for God. Most of them revolved around the question ‘you want me to do what?!?‘ You too may wonder how this idea of call works itself out in the “real world.” How do we specifically find our place? What happens as a result of the work we do for God? God’s call is often met with objections.

One thing is assured though − God has a specific plan for you and it’s built on a certain foundation. That foundation is Jesus Christ. So when assessing the open door in front of you, it’s wise to ask how it relates to spreading the word about Jesus. That is God’s call and you can’t go wrong doing that!

Prepare for Sunday’s message by reading Exodus 4:10-17, 27-31.

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