February 22, 2009 – Jesus’ Faith During Our Storms

What is your most harrowing experience? For the disciples it was probably the night at sea when a terrible storm came up, and their boat was certain to be capsized, except Jesus intervened and at His command, the water became smooth as glass. Funny thing was, seeing Jesus’ power over creation scared them even more than the storm!

What is it that causes us to be fearful of God? Is it lack of faith? Or, is it that God is scary to us because we are afraid God will discover how sinful we really are? Regardless of the reason, this event allowed the disciples (and us) to see that in Jesus is a God who is with us; Someone who will see us through the storms of life. Read the story in Luke 8:22-25 and listen for Jesus’ heartbeat of love. Come celebrate that love in worship on Sunday.

READ THE SERMON:  Jesus’ Faith During Our Storms

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