9/10/17 – When Disaster Strikes

We can all relate to the title, “When Disaster Strikes.” Sometimes the disaster is a natural one; sometimes it is related to physical health or an accident; sometimes, the result of an enemy attack.  We are experiencing multiple natural disasters across our continent. Even next week on 9/11 we all remember a disastrous enemy attack. In those times, what do we do?

This week begins the study of Daniel. Daniel tells the story of a life changing disaster when Judah was conquered and he and three fellow countrymen were taken from their country, losing their homes, their possessions, their language, freedom, and food. What to do? How to survive? Daniel and friends together took some immediate steps to not only survive, but thrive. And, the Lord was right there with them. Let’s talk about it Sunday. Worship at 10:30 includes communion.

A NEW SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS for ages 18-35 begins at 9:30 in the church office. Jeff Thorpe leads using God’s Friend by Henry Blackaby. Check it out. I can’t wait to see you!

READ Daniel 1

READ the SERMON:  When Disaster Strikes


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