9/30/18 – The Results of Constant, Thankful Prayers

We have talked about many aspects of prayer in the last several weeks. We have covered big topics–how to pray for our governmental officials; overcoming strongholds like worry, pride, falsehood, and trusting in ourselves; praying in the Spirit; spiritual warfare; fasting; forgiving others before you pray. We have discussed unanswered prayer. This week we finish the series with the cumulative results that come from a lifestyle of prioritizing prayer.  

Paul had quite a lot of experience with prayer and he tells us the positive results are life-changing! It is exciting to talk about.  Join us in worship at 10:30 for the discussion. Sunday School begins at 9:15. I can’t wait to see you.!

READ: Philippians 4:4-8 and 1 Samuel 2:1-10

READ the Sermon:   The Results of Constant, Thankful Prayers


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