9/2/18 – One-on-One and Short Prayers Please, says Jesus

Are you ever intimidated about prayer? Is praying in public to you kind of like public speaking, the number one fear in America? Do you go to sleep in church meetings when others pray long prayers? Does the spontaneous nature of group prayer unnerve you? If so, you are in luck this Sunday. Our worship message is about one-on-one prayer, in your closet, with the door closed!

Jesus has lots of simple advice about simply praying. And when you just cannot think of what to say or you do not know God’s will in a certain situation, be assured that the Holy Spirit prays for you. What more could you want? This should be everyone’s favorite passage. I hope you will join Sunday School at 9:15 and worship at 10:45. Communion will be served. I can’t wait to see you!

READ:  Psalm 62:5-12, Matthew 6:5-8, Romans 8:26-30

READ the Sermon:  One-on-One and Short Prayers Please, says Jesus


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