9/18/22 – Courage to Change: Finding Purpose

Most of us do not like to be change agents. We can make all kinds of excuses to not change at all! The familiar is just fine and even comfortable. We might enjoy being “stuck in our ways.” But sometimes being unwilling to change prevents you from doing God’s will, and also, then, finding your purpose. We are following the Serenity prayer and it leads to purpose.

God has plans for the world–and that means you and me! We learn in Sunday Worship that God works in mercy, although we cannot always see it. But God does not operate in a vacuum; God uses you to partner with God. JOIN US at 10:30 for Worship. Go deeper in your faith through Sunday School, a time of exploration, encouragement, and fellowship for all ages at 9:15. POTLUCK after worship, so bring a dish to share. I can’t wait to see you!

READ: Genesis 25:20-34 and Genesis 27:1-36 

READ the MESSAGE:  Courage to Change: Finding Purpose

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