8/22/21 – Never Forget to Pray Against Evil

Does the title above seem odd? Can you think of a time when we are told to pray against evil in the New Testament? If you recollected The Lord’s Prayer you are right! Perhaps you also thought of Ephesians 6 where it says to put on God’s spiritual armor against the devil and pray (v. 11-18). So our title, which references the second chapter of Habakkuk, is not so unusual. Habakkuk was appalled that God would allow God’s people to be attacked by a nation much more powerful, more evil than any nation at the time.

Sunday morning at 10:20 there’s an “in person” congregational meeting to elect new elders. This follows an “email” (virtual) vote (which must be responded to by Saturday, August 21st, 12 pm) for those who prefer it. Whether you vote in person or virtually, PLEASE VOTE! Our candidates are Brittany Haywood and Sean Russell. Join us also for Sunday School at 9:15 and the worship service begins, as usual, at 10:30. I can’t wait to see you!

READ: Habakkuk 1:13-2:20

READ the SERMON:  Never Forget to Pray Against Evil


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