8/19/18 – Let Anger and Rudeness Cease! Instead Pray

One of Martin Luther’s motivations for prayer was our great need for help. “As we feel our need, the distress impels us,” he said, and we don’t have to force ourselves to pray, we will pray “spontaneously.” I don’t remember his quote exactly. But wouldn’t it be a great idea to apply Luther’s advice to our nation’s distressing political division by praying about it?

Paul advises us to pray for our governmental authorities. However, most people argue about them far more than they pray for them. That’s just an observation and not a confirmed fact. Perhaps my observation is accurate. How are you praying for our leaders? Do you have to force yourself to pray? There might be an easier way. Come to worship on Sunday at 10:30 and we will talk about it. Following worship, there is a BAPTISM and potluck at the Morris home, 606 Lincoln Drive, on the corner of Wheatland Rd. Sunday School at 9:15. Join us!

READ: 1 Timothy 2:1-8 and Psalm 46 

READ the MESSAGE:  Let Anger and Rudeness Cease! Instead Pray


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