4/30/23 – What Lights Your Path?

Join us for worship this Sunday at 10:30 AM and hear Jeff Thorpe preach on Ephesians 1:21-23 (and other Scriptures.) He will be sharing a message called “What Lights Your Path?”

So, what does light your path? Have you ever stopped to think about that? When talking about physical paths and roads – well, during the day, the sun lights our way, and at night maybe a lamp or flashlight. But what about Spiritual paths? How do you “see” to determine which way to go? Where do you get direction? In Psalm 119:105, the psalmist says that God’s Word is a lamp for his feet and a light for his path. Also, Jesus is often referred to as the Light of the World. Are you letting the Light of the World influence your decisions and direct your path, or are you stumbling forward in darkness?

Want to know more? Come Sunday and hear what Jeff has to say! Please also bring your kids for the Children’s Moment, led by Sharon Ingram. Our goal is for our services to be accessible and engaging for everyone in your family, from our youngest Jesus followers on up.

After worship, plan to stick around for a few minutes for Lemonade on the Lawn, where you will find good snacks and great fellowship. Strike up a conversation with someone new, or someone you haven’t talked with in awhile.

We hope you will join us!


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