4/19/20 – Psalm 23: The Shepherd’s Love

We have been talking about walking as disciples for several weeks. After the resurrection, an entire new world opened for the disciples. This LORD was much more powerful and loving than they had ever imagined. Jesus went through so much that reflected incredible love, and then he was raised from the dead! This love is absolutely life-changing. But who is it for? And, do we understand it? The religious teachers did not.

The LOVE of Jesus comes from the Father and it goes way back. As we look at questions about God’s love, what better place to start than Psalm 23. I hope you will join us online THIS SUNDAY MORNING at 10:30 on this website under “live-stream.” All our staff continues to work to create these worship services so remember, though we are apart, we are still a working, faithful community of Christ. And we are here for you. Just call!

READ: Psalm 23 and Luke 15:1-7 

READ the Message:  The Shepherd’s Love


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