3/4/18 – Finding Jesus . . . or, Did Jesus Find You?

Have you ever had an appointment to meet someone but when you get there you cannot find them? You search and search, and finally sit down to wait. You have done all you can. Then suddenly the person finds you! How relieving to know that it wasn’t all on your back.

A man had a physical problem. It had been his life for thirty-eight years. Certainly the man must have prayed many of those years, to no avail. Suddenly one day a man found him and told him to get up and walk, and he did. It was a miracle! But there was so much more–come and discover what’s “more” on Sunday during 10:30 worship. JOAN BROWN tells the story. Communion is served.  Sunday School for all ages at 9:15. I can’t wait to see you!

READ:  John 5:2-18

READ the MESSAGE:  Finding Jesus . . . or, Did Jesus Find You?

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