2016 Good Friday Presentation

Picture of PosterOn Good Friday, FPCD initiated an event, together with nine other churches, called “TGIF: A Story of Agony and Hope” at  Duncanville High School Shine Performance Hall. Ten Duncanville churches joined together to tell a packed house, through music and storytelling, about Jesus’ death, a story of incredible commitment and profound love. These churches comprise the rich diversity of our beloved community. Pastors, singers, and musicians totaling about ninety people participated.

Doing this event as fellow believers, friends, and colleagues, we experienced the incredible power of God’s intended unity and love. We believe many of the ills of division and divisiveness in our nation today can be overcome by the witness of unity in diversity through the overcoming and transcendent message of Jesus Christ, who gave his life to defeat sin and death. As we open ourselves to the presence of the Holy Spirit, we receive the power to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We anticipate that this event is just the beginning. Enjoy the pictures!



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