2/18/18 – Jesus Explains the Meaning of Born Again

The phrase “born again” may be familiar to you, especially those of you who remember the 1970s. It is quite interesting to look the phrase up on Dictionary.com. There it is described as someone who has “committed or recommitted to religious faith through an intensely religious  experience.”   Jesus describes it as a radical birth, not as if a baby again, but into a new creation. It is an entire new experience of life. Do you need a new experience of life?

A professional teacher named Nicodemus needed something new in life, and so he tried Jesus. He wasn’t sure about Jesus but he took the chance and went to see him. How about you? Not sure about Jesus? That is okay–come to worship on Sunday at 10:30 and explore. Sunday School at 9:15 is a great place to ask questions. This week CAROL ORWIG tells the story. Come and make some new friends. Enjoy coffee and donuts. I can’t wait to see you!

READ: John 3:1-22 and Ezekiel 37:23-28 

READ the MESSAGE:  Jesus Explains the Meaning of Born Again

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