1/12/2020 – New Year, Happy Mission!

As we begin this new year we think about resolutions. We know the usual ones–generally summed up as “do better!” at least for a month! But, disciples of Jesus are in it for the long haul. Believers must be encouraged to stay the course and continue the given mission come what may. In order to help us stay in the faith for the long haul, we are entering a series of practical helps called Walking as Disciples of Jesus. We will weave both Old and New Testament examples of people with big questions, like ‘how are you going to help me, God, when it get’s hard?’ ‘How do I feel satisfied with your mission?’

Sunday following 10:30 Worship is a reception to say goodbye to Youth Director Ross Shipman. If you would like to bring a card, please do so. Kids will meet with him during the Sunday School hour at 9:15 in the Youth Room. Adult and children’s Sunday School classes meet as usual, and donuts and coffee are always available! I can’t wait to see you!

READ: Mark 10:35-44 and Jeremiah 15:10-15 

READ the Message:  Jesus’ Way of Mission


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