December 19, 2010 – Youth and Children’s Christmas Play

Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 19, during the 10:30 am worship service, as your church family of all ages present:


Where the Best Songs are Songs about Christmas

You will enjoy a humorous and poignant musical with solos, a trio, narration by the radio studio staff, and a chance for you to join in the singing of Christmas songs.

Cast of Characters

Dee Jay – Grant Everett

Choir Director – Ashley Dittman

Choristers:        #1  Gary W

#2  Nicole Martinez

#3  Jason Cordova

#4  Stuart Boston

#5  Evelyn W

Soloists:  Mary    –    Evelyn W

Joseph  –  Jimmy Cordova

Donkey- Logan Russell

Pastor                       Steve Netniss

Off Stage Voice           Sean Russell

Scoop Newsom            Dale W

Chris Storm                  Lucy Russell

U Turn Lavern              Sidney Russell

Tracy Tackle                Charlie Glover

READ THE PASTOR’S MESSAGE: Reflections on Ministry to Children

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