August 17, 2008 – The Holy Spirit’s Agenda

Do you have a close friend or family member whose wellbeing is always on your mind? Most of us do! This week we get a glimpse into the heart of Pastor Paul as with great emotion he reminds the Galatians of the firm bond that they enjoyed when he first arrived. He says, as if he were speaking to his closest friends, “I remember that you treated me as if I was Jesus Christ himself!” Yet pastoral concern and spiritual conviction called for telling the Galatians the truth. To withhold the truth would have resulted in certain loss for them of freedom in Christ, the real meaning of the good news.

Keeping the precedence set in the OT by the Prophets, Jesus graciously concerns himself with our spiritual wellbeing, loving us, and yet challenging us to grow to maturity in Him. Perhaps the saying “love must be tough” portrays Paul’s likeminded intent. He insisted that the Galatians needed to learn to be “in Christ,” and he knew they had moved away from this truth. Paul risked their friendship to help them realign themselves with the gospel. What commitment, to them and to Christ!

To prepare for Sunday, do a self-assessment of your own spiritual health according to our study in Galatians. Ask yourself:

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