Sept. 13, 2009 – The Joy of Holy Conversations

Richard Peace writes in Holy Conversation that people everywhere want to talk about God, even people who consider themselves secular or non-religious. However, Christians are not necessarily the best conversation partners. Just take a look on You Tube and you will see many spoofs on our efforts. We are certainly known for monologuing rather than dialoguing when it comes to the topic of faith; if we happen to be able to talk about our faith at all!

Sunday begins a new study on how to have a conversation about the best news in the world − the news that Jesus Christ loves us. By studying one of the very first churches, Corinth, we will explore exactly what that means, and how to converse about it in “non-theological jargon.” As always, we’ll have a variety of dramatic presentations, including storytelling, music, and art to help you get the picture.

Get your copy of Holy Conversation at church and take a look at chapter one. Then read Acts 18:1-11. Pray for God to give you a conversation partner − someone who is not a follower of Jesus, but who is interested in spirituality. And then come to church — and let’s have a Holy Conversation. See you Sunday!

Special Testimonies this week:   ANNA MURPHY; THE W FAMILY

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