March 15, 2009 – Who Is This Jesus?

Testimonials are commonplace. Courtroom lawyers call on expert witnesses. Tabloids and magazines are full of testimonials. Friends pass along their experiences. Who do you listen to? Whose witness do you believe?

A man, declared dead from an auto crash, went to heaven. After surviving, he writes a testimony about it. A woman dying of cancer rises up a moment before death, opens her eyes and exclaims, “It’s true, it’s all true − everything we believe as Christians. I can see it!” The Apostle Peter says, “We saw it with our own eyes and heard it with our own ears: Jesus resplendent with light, and God’s own voice glorifying Him.”

People’s experiences make an impact. Peter says we should especially listen to the witness of Scripture because the writers have been prompted by the Holy Spirit. This Sunday we’ll hear testimony that points to the amazing power and glory of Jesus Christ. It’s a fabulous witness. Come listen to it!

READ THE SERMON: Who Is This Jesus?

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