February 1, 2009 Sermon – The ABCs of Faithfulness

People quickly learn about Jesus’ healing power and they flocked to him. He teaches them and so many crowd around that when a man’s friends bring him in, they can’t get near. The man’s situation is desperate; he is paralyzed. Then as now, the prospect of recovery was slim.  But his friends were not to be undone. Up onto the roof they climbed, tearing it apart, lowering their friend right into the middle of things, at the feet of Jesus. Jesus was impressed. What outrageous faith!

Jesus always, always, always responds to faith and immediately he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven you.” But that caused a stir. Sin? What does that have to do with it?

Do you believe sin resides in the world today? Fifty years ago author Karl Menninger wrote, whatever became of sin? Forgiveness is an important part of a person’s restoration and wholeness. If Jesus said to you, “Friend, your sins are forgiven,” how would you respond? Would you argue? Or jump for joy?

READ THE SERMON:  The ABCs of Faithfulness

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